"But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander." ~ 1 Peter 3:15-16
Journey to Xiamen

This is really an eye opening trip for the whole of my first 24 years. I thank God for this greatest opportunity to experience the normal course of everyday life of an average 厦门人. No good rhetorician as your tour guide, no fanciful sight-seeing, no high class quality services; only squeezing for the bus, smell of heavy smokers puffing away, and reckless driving or F1 tournament on the 行道 if you like. Gambling dens hang on the left wing while prostitution stays on the right wing, which makes one wonder what on earth is the place like? High raised, nice looking flats and skyscrapers in the front, while the back are fed with ugly slumps, and they call this one of the best cities in 中国? Perhaps, pride is forever in the heart of a chinese, that we often employed hypocrisy with its full glorious front. Anyway, I have a better taste of what's life is like in Xiamen, and I can say it's never a good one compared to here, unless of course you have plenty of bucks to spare. Those living here are really blessed with the material, but seldom did they realize that. And how often did we cry 钱不够用 or that our housing is too small? Wait till they live in the slumps and I bet they will start worshipping the PAP. Not that I am pro-government or anything near that (but far from that), I can't deny the fact that what we have here is more organized, despite one that comes with heavy cost. At any rate, now I am able to travel in Xiamen alone without the fear of being crashed by any vehicle and getting lost in those small winding alleys. I might add more along the way, but the night is calling me. 愿上帝保守住在厦门的厦门人们啊!~Elvin

Now almost every country in the world knows China is like a 老虎 who is already awaken from the past 沉睡 five thousand years. Yes, China is really developing economically (and rapidly!) such that even the big "Hian Di" America also feels that the Chinese rapid economy growth is threatening them~~~~~~~~~ Throughout this trip, we literally took a layman trip and had a normal life routine as other citizens in 厦门. Maybe it is because of this kind of journey that we saw something special which other tourists cannot see. We witnessed 10 brothels and 3 gambling hubs in less than 1 km area. We got to be extra careful when we walked along the old streets as we do not know where and when the sputum will drop from the high buildings and land on your face .You will feel extremely strange how come there are so many slumps behind all the skyscrapers. As 老公 Elvin was saying, it is because we Chinese are born with the nature to cover up our inner ugliness and will try to present to people our most glamorous front. Aiya Aiya~~~~~~ It seems like I am slapping my own face as I came from Xiamen in the first place~~~~~~~ Bo Ban Huat , I am only speaking the fact. Just pray that God will help all the chinese who are in mainland china, or even overseas, to see beyond the rapid economic growth, especially to pay attention to our hearts. Hopefully the people will come to see God's mercy before their sins destroyed the 古老神州。~小娟