"But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander." ~ 1 Peter 3:15-16
Saw this quote at Miss Pot's blog:

"Couples I think won't last are breaking up. Couples I think will eventually walk down the aisle are also breaking up. Is there true love in the world after all? The perfect couple? Everlasting love? Match made in heaven?"

And Miss Pot's reply is as follow:

"i dun believe there's such thing as a perfect relationship.. in my opinion, nth is forever n perfect... like what we always picture our prince charming to be.. the one u actually ended up with cld most of the time be the total opposite... nth last forever.. not just a love relationship.. even frens.. one day, someone may just walk silently out of ya life without saying goodbye or giving a valid reason.. or someone may just turn the tables around n there u go, u lose a fren... same thing for a couple... u may think that they wld most probably be walking down the aisle together after so long.. yet sth has to happen and they broke up... for either a reason or with no reason at all... I tink the more impt thing is, to treasure the good times u both shared... as if everyday u spend with one another is the last... n not to take one another for granted... nobody noes what wld happen in the future, but u r totally in control of ya life in the present..."

Two things came into my mind when I read the above. Firstly, I just wish to share that I have lost a friend recently. The fact is that she had stopped going for work while her employer is trying to get her. But what's really complicating is that the police is involved. Probably, she might have already packed up and returned to her hometown for good, though there still might be a seemingly small chance that her safety has been endangered. A good speculation of her leaving will be frustration and dissatisfaction of her work. Anyway, she left without saying a single word to those around her and that's quite sad to think of her leaving alone, as if it's no other's business. Really feel for her, and I hope someday she will come to know God -- the ultimate Satisfier of our lives.

And to add on to the quote, couples who have already walked down the aisle are also breaking up as I look around me. I think Miss Pot is right to say that there is no perfect relationship on the premise that there is no perfect human being. Indeed, what we often perceived our other halves could be just 18,000 km away from they actually are. Self interest theory may be sufficient to explain the difference between perception and reality; that we often forget that in any relationships, it is to love them as who they are rather than what we want them to be. If not, when reality crushes down the illusion like the tsunami, what we get are debris of hurts.

But then, are there really such things as match made in heaven? I believe there is. Yet, I have to be quick to qualify that by saying it is through the perspective of heaven when I said match made. Often, it's easier for us to say that a couple is heavenly matched when they are acting lovingly towards each other and their marriage shows that. But what about those who appear to be in an endless fight? Are they heavenly matched as well? I believe so. There is always a purpose behind everything that God does and we can't undermine the possibility that God uses marriages to refine our individual character. Between couples, where there is increased potential to fight, the potential to forgive and love increased as well in proportional or more.

I personally like what Miss Pot mentioned about not taking each other for granted and to live everyday as if it is the last day, though I would like to refine the last part by saying that God is in control of everything but we are free to live out our choices made. And always remember that marriage is the first relationship that God created between mankind. It is not the parent children relationship or the in-laws relationships, but the husband and wife relationship just as He created Adam and Eve. And this beautiful relationship mirrored the one between Christ and His bride -- the Church.