"But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander." ~ 1 Peter 3:15-16
Recently taken a personality test @ Personality Expert and I have posted the results below with my comment:


You are exceptional and unique. Everyone is created unique, what so special about that? Your quest in life is to identify exactly who you are and why you're here. Isn't this the number one issue behind every mind? What's important to you is the journey of self discovery, determining who you are today is not the same as who you'll be tomorrow. Perhaps, it takes a life time to understand oneself, or even more.

You resist being categorized and are quick to question any social standard that you sense someone imposing on you. How true this is! Did the system read my mind?! Stereotypical gender roles always interest you and, in your mind, connect to issues that most other people would never even consider related. Well, most people say I think too much..

You can "connect" with any individual person and practically read their mind (Well, I am not sure if I can really read their minds), but you have a natural tendency to match your actions to the expectations you read from their mind (Don't most people have a tendency to conform to the expectation of others?) and yearn for company that lets you truly, naturally be yourself. Indeed, I wonder how many people know the real me? Or do I know the real me, even? You struggle between letting yourself naturally match the sentiment of the group (which feels like putting on a facade) or letting your individuality shine, which may allow people to see how different you are. Fact is, and situation often allows, that I am usually shown to be radically different from the average person.

You are particularly accepting of other people and have a special talent for seeing people's true selves instinctively. To some extent, I agree. Though most of the time, I rather wish I make the wrong evaluation. It takes time for you to trust your gut instinct about people because even you don't believe that someone could be so right about another person's nature so quickly. I am a born skeptic. This intuitive sense about what people are thinking is your special talent. Yet most of the time, I will choose to act as if I have not got the extra information. You may think it is available to everyone and that others just ignore it, but in truth others could never develop the skill to the level which comes naturally to you. But I really believe that everyone should be able to pick up signs from others.

You focus more on nurturing other's self esteem than any other type. I think it is the greatest wound to have a hurt ego. As a result of this naturally caring nature, people often turn to you for moral support. I am not too sure if people do turn to me, but I do long for people whom I can turn to, and family is the best place.

To you everything happens on a personal level. Aren't we relational beings? Your friends come to you for advice because they know that you'll love them for who they are and put yourself in their shoes to look at the world. Hohoho, that I got to ask my friends. Is this true?? Your advice, although varied in delivery, usually boils down to "be true to yourself" and "listen to your heart." Goodness, the system seems to be able to read my thoughts quite well! You exude this quality so strongly that even strangers will sometimes spontaneously begin confiding their deepest secrets in you. Sometimes, and often through the cyberspace.

The flipside of this may impact your work. When people raise valid issues or genuinely just have a different opinion you are likely to interpret some level of personal attack into an honestly impersonal statement (although probably from someone you wouldn't have natural rapport with anyway). I hate to admit it, but I do feel this way most of the time..

You may wish that other people's judgments and actions didn't affect your self-conception so much. Problem is, I am easily swayed by the opinions and remarks of others, though I may cover it quite well on the appearance. When other people might brush off a disappointed expression from a coworker, it is likely to dominate your thoughts until you're sure the situation has been repaired. Wow, a sense of justice? I don't even know that!

You are by far the most talented of all types at reading nonverbal cues. Erm, I don't think my head is big enough for this hat... In your admirable attempts to convey a message diplomatically, those who aren't sensitive to inflection, tone, insinuations or body language sometimes simply do not get your message because they only receive the verbal half of what you said. I have tried it, and sometimes I think it is much easier if I just communicate my thoughts directly.

In the same way that you're the best at reading nonverbal cues, you're also the best at sending them. The system seems to repeat itself, one thumb down. When you speak they miss the nonverbal half of your message, then they speak and transmit twice the message (verbal + nonverbal) which often gives away more than they intended but is sometimes carelessly inaccurate since they don't send nonverbal cues as well as you do. You just can't understand some people and sooner or later, you will give up speculating what're on their minds. When you're tempted to assign bias based on someone's tone or other nonverbal cues it is wise to have them restate what they said and see if ignoring the careless, unintentional nonverbal half of their message lets their true meaning through. Truth is, I hardly give chance if I have already a set of existing perception.

You want nothing more than for there to be peace and harmony in the world, and your actions clearly reflect that vision. Who will want wars and disorder, except those who are diabolically insane?

While you can instantly tell what's on someone else's mind, you can sometimes be confused yourself when it comes to the mixture of your own emotions. I can't agree more to this.

In school you were an excellent student, the teacher's pet. Nay, I will disagree on this. More than the satisfaction of learning, you enjoyed pleasing your instructors with your hard work and thoughtfulness and delighted in the personal praise they gave you in return. I think I rather want to please myself than the tutors. You got to know your instructors on a personal level and may have even kept in touch with certain of them after moving on. I seriously doubt this sentence.

You have natural teaching and leadership abilities. If I didn't miss this, then others will. Your communication is clear and eloquent. I wonder if it's so... You can be decisive and visionary while maintaining a supportive atmosphere and camaraderie among your subordinates. Yet the fact is that I can get depressed easily with high mood swing.

As a parent you are very supportive and start educating your child early according to your values. If I do have children, I think most likely that is what I will be doing. Your children know exactly where you stand and what is expected of them. You bet it. You overflow with positivity when your child sticks to the program, and reflect any negative behavior directly on yourself and the quality of your parenting. Err, I don't know why, but when something goes wrong, the first thing that comes into my mind is that I did something wrong. Your focus is making sure that your child has a strong self-image and high self-esteem. I think that is very important. More than other parents it is important for you to be friends with your children. I never believe that the top-down approach works best.

You are more philosophical than most and passionately discuss ethics and justice more than other types. Amazingly true!! It is when ethical issues come up in conversation that you most strongly sense that you are fundamentally different from other people. Definitely!! You become visually emotionally focused when these issues arise, while others easily laugh them off and switch topics to something trivial. And I wonder why people have that kind of reaction... To you, it seems that everyone should be passionate about ending racism, sexism and all the other -isms out there. Especially atheism!

You go by the book and are suspicious of anyone suggesting that rules or laws should be ignored. Actually I will be the first to throw the rules or laws out of the window. It's always my feeling that rules or laws are made to be broken. You think constantly about improving laws, and see that at a major avenue for advancing social change (I think it's more important to understand the principles rather than conforming to the rules or laws wholesale) because you see legislation and rule creation as the consensus opinion of the group working together. For you the focus is seeing everyone working together in harmony. That will be nice, indeed.

Your life has meaning, your life is significant. At least, I do hope it does. Otherwise, life is meaningless as because as soon as we were born, we were destined to die. You think all people should spend more time thinking about who they are and what their purpose in life is. I would just like to end off a quote from the Greek Philosopher ~ Socrates, "A life without reflection is not worth living."