"But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander." ~ 1 Peter 3:15-16
I wrote a script for the 39th Coy, BB and have posted it here. And I would appreciate if I could get some feedbacks from the readers, especially on what do you think is the message that the whole script is trying to convey?

Scene 1 - Fall In

The Operational Officer and the BB Boys to be ready on the stage

Narrator : Hi, good morning everyone! This morning is just like any other ordinary Saturday morning, where handsome men and boys, like me...

BB Crowd : Shh...

Narrator : ...gather in a small confinement for a great time of excitement.

Ops Officer to come forward

Ops Officer : Hey, fall~~~ in!!!

All the boys rush to fall in

Ops Officer : Row call, number off!!

BB Boy A : One!

BB Boy B : Two~~~~

BB Boy C : Three!

BB Boy D : Five??

Everyone : Huh!?

All the BB boys are confused and some scratch their heads

Ops Officer : Aio gentlemen! You failed your maths ah? Now is only eight in the morning, please wake up your idea!

All the Boys : Yes, sir!

Ops Officer : Okay okay, all go up to the usual room for singspiration now.

All the Boys quickly shift to one side of the stage to prepare for the lesson and the Ops Officer leave the scene

Scene 2 - CE

CE Tutor enters the scene from the other side of the stage

CE Tutor : Wah, jia lat liao. I am late for class again. Hopefully they are still having the singspiration or devotion.

CE Tutor enters the room and is surprised to find the boys all waiting for him

CE Tutor : Hmm, you all finished devotion already arh?

BB Boy A : Devotion? Lincoln never come leh...

CE Tutor : Orh...

Narrator : At this time, the CE Tutor is thinking that Lincoln sure is the best leh

BB Boy B : Hey Sir, can start or not, we all waited very long already.

CE Tutor : Okay, sure. Let get started.

The BB Boys to get attentive and form in circle while the CE Tutor search through his messy materials

CE Tutor : Let see, where on heaven are my materials, Anthony will kill me for sure if I lost the copies.

All the Boys : Orh hor...

CE Tutor : Shh... Okay I found it, the topic for today is actually the parable of the lost sheep.

Narrator : And so the group made up of courageous man and boys were immediately teleported to the Sheepy Sheepish Fairy Land...

CE Tutor to move to the other side of the stage while the boys remain at where they are

Narrator : ...where there is only one shepherd looking after a multitude of sheep

Scene 3 - Parable

The Group to look surprise on their roles in the Sheepy Sheepish Fairy Land

BB Boy C : How come we are the sheep and you are shepherd??

BB Boy D : Yah lor, unfair!!

The BB boys to protest with actions while the CE Tutor pacify them

CE Tutor : Aiya, for show only lah. Just bear with it!

Narrator : And so, the story goes on like this. Long long ago, when Jeffrey was still playing marbles, there was a very good shepherd who looked after and cared for his sheep.

CE Tutor to brush the imaginable wools on the sheep while they sing blah blah white sheep

Narrator : Sometimes the shepherd brings the sheep to the waters to quench their thirst. But he has to be careful that the sheep do not get drown because sheep are silly.

All the Boys : Hey! We can sue you for Defamation!

Narrator : Oops, sorry.

CE Tutor to bring the sheep to waters for a drink

Narrator : And sometimes the shepherd will bring the sheep to graze on the grass, but he has to be careful that the sheep do not over eat.

CE Tutor to bring the sheep to the pasture for feast

Narrator : During rest time, the shepherd would play wrestling with the sheep and often wins by tickling them.

CE Tutor to wrestle with the sheep and tickle them while the sheep submit to him

Narrator : Moreover, if one sheep is lost in any point of time

BB Boy A to move away from the group

Narrator : The good shepherd will seek out the lost sheep because he cares for them.

CE Tutor to seek the lost sheep and bring him back

Narrator : And because he loves them so much, he intentionally go on the extra mile, to bring the sheep back under his care.

All the rest of the sheep looks happy when they saw the shepherd

Narrator : All the sheep rejoices when they see the shepherd coming back with the lost sheep, while a voice booms suddenly...

Ops Officer : Fall in for parade now!!!

Narrator : Hmm, we are running out of time, so the group is teleported back to their own world. Kaboom...

The group to seem surprise when they find they are back in the real world

Scene 4 - Dismiss for Parade

The group shift back to the circle before they were teleported

CE Tutor : So this is the lesson for the CE today, any questions?

BB Boy B : Sir, how come there is only one shepherd and so many sheep?

CE Tutor : Ah, because we do not have so many actors mah

BB Boy C : I know. I know why!

All the rest of the BB boys to look amazed

BB Boy C : Because the wool is plentiful, but the barbers are few lor.

BB Boy D : Ah bish, you should have said the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

BB Boy C : Sama sama lah

BB Boy D : Duh

CE Tutor : That is a very interesting thought. But anyway you all better hurry because Zhao Sheng is waiting...

BB boy B : Oh yah, better move fast. Otherwise he will pump us again.

The BB boys to move sheepishly to one side of the stage while the CE Tutor packs his materials

CE Tutor : Hmm, if only the workers are plentiful, then maybe I can get more sleep... Yawn...

CE Tutor to act as if he is very sleepy

CE Tutor : Better go back home to sleep now, but I do hope the boys have learnt something today.

CE Tutor leaves the stage

Scene 5 – During Parade

Narrator : Back to the parade square, the gentlemen are playing or rather, training hard under the hot sun.

Ops Officer to enter the scene while the boys are playing horse

Ops Officer : Why all come down so late? All go and practice marching!

The Ops Officer wave at the BB boys to march while the boys formed one straight line and starting marching on the spot loudly at first and turned silent marching

BB Boy A : Hey guys, the CE lesson today sounds interesting!

BB Boy B : Yeah, I like it a lot the way the story is told.

BB Boy C : Hmm, but would not it be more fun if we have more people?

BB Boy D : Yah true.

BB Boy A : If only more people will to come to the 39th Coy.

BB Boy B : Then we can play LAN game!

Everyone : Duh...

The rest of the boys beat BB Boy B and return to their marching positions

BB Boy C : But seriously, we might be able to hear more interesting stories from the new faces!

The BB boys think about it deeply

BB Boy D : Maybe it is a good idea after all

Ops Officer to interrupt

Ops Officer : Hey, ask you all to march, not to talk ah!

Everyone : Yes Sir!!

Narrator : And so that is the ordinary Saturday morning where handsome men and boys, like me, gather in a small confinement for a great time of excitement!

BB Crowd : Boo

End of Script


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Cool Script! Great work done.. Message conveyed's asking more ppl to come help out?