"But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander." ~ 1 Peter 3:15-16
"my heart really sank when i saw the sentence: "cant u have a magnanimous heart to forgive us.." i was no longer angry with the sentence but terribly hurt by it. and i told that someone that for the first time after 28th, i felt like crying... then, a tear rolled down in front of the PC... tears in sadness... if it's a stranger or an acquaintance who comment that, i wont feel anything. but that came from a fren i knew since Sec 1... it hurts... really hurts..... and my heart sank.. heavy heart..." ~ Miss Pot

Well, in a close relationship lies the potential to hurt and to be hurt at an even greater intensity, don't you agree? Perhaps the one asking you to forgive may have already lost one's position and right to do so, and you may not even listen to whatever that is spoken by the one at a later time. At least, as an outsider, I feel I can still speak something. I am here to beg that you will learn to forgive. Not only to forgive the one who spoke those words but yourself too. There's really no point in getting depressed over what that has been done or said, rationally speaking. But having said that, I believe all of us are fragile inside even though we may try to disguise ourselves on the appearance. I know how it feels, but I still wish that you will be able to walk out of it as soon as possible. So here's a prayer for you:

Dear Jesus, You are the only One who knows us in our deepest. All our emotions that are within us, be it anger, hurt, bitterness or whatsoever, You know it all and You understand us. So even as Miss Pot is going through this difficult time, may You give strength and comfort to her. And lead her out of the state she is in right now, drying her tears because You said that You will even hold our tears and wipe them till they are no more in Your very own words. So Jesus, I am going to trust Miss Pot into Your loving arms, and may Your love comfort her. Amen

So why do I know how it feels? Simply because I am hurt and have hurt even in this present relationship. As I have mentioned earlier, I guess in any close relationships, especially that of a marriage, will surely yield some tears. And it will be dishonest to say that there are no tears when they are numerous, that are either shed in the dark or in the open. But all this is to the glory of God, for the marriage covenant is not only about sharing laughters together, but everything in lives including sorrows and heartaches. So may God help us in all kinds of relationships, that we will be more like Christ, and to love each other because this dying world is in desperate need of forgiveness and love.