"But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander." ~ 1 Peter 3:15-16
Stumbled upon this poem composed by a friend and I decided to put it down before I totally forget about it...

The Lapidary

My "life" was in ruins and rubble
Life was just mere survival
My heart, worn and torn
From all my sin on and on


That very day God touched my heart of stone,
He marked the milestone of the "life" I owned
And since then, became the cornerstone
Of my faith in Him alone

I'm no Xingti Crawford or Sharon Stone
Nothing more than dust and bones
But God loves me so
And would never let me go

Though I'm no ruby,
God simply loves me
Though I'm no sapphire,
God simply holds me dear

Though I'm no emerald,
God is ever my miracle!
Just for who and what I am,
I am God's champ and His precious gem

Anyone can beg to differ; to each his own
For I'll just remember I'm sure God won't
Whatever it is, I am not alone
Cos I am His; God's very own!!!

Cos the moment I made that decision,
Satan was overthrown and God, enthroned
My sin, God has graciously condoned
I am no longer a lump of gravel but an unpolished, precious stone!!!

And so what if I've had a heart of marble?
Cold and hard, living in my own world
Who does not have a past to speak of?
It's my past; I'm now coming forth

And for each trial I now face, I know
It's just a stepping-stone
To Christ-likeness as God's grace unfolds
And my trust in Him can't wait to grow

Cos while trials can become stumbling blocks,
I choose to rely on God, my unshakable Rock
Call me toad, call me FROG
Yes, I Fully Rely On God!!!

Satan can tempt and attempt all day and night,
Trying to eat away my solid faith with a nasty bite
I'll stay strong and firm in God though tested and tried
A heart of stone and marble is now one of granite!!!

And I pray I'd regard this truth as a desired millstone,
Step out of my comfort zone
And into the world unknown
And let God use me to make His Word known

And just as God's love is shown,
Manifest through Jesus and Jesus alone,
May my witnessing grow bolder like sand to boulders,
Using my flaws and all for God's miracles

And well, sin and unrepentance could lead to my tombstone
Cos I know to both, I'm pro and prone
But I'll give myself no reason, no excuse, no nothing to upset God
I seek and strive to change, get even with all odds

Cos though I'm not cartoon as the Flintstones,
Just as God is the Rock of my salvation,
He sees me as this cute, little pebble,
Capable of making it one day with His grace and supervision

A diamond is but a polished stone
By myself, I won't
But by God, I will be moulded and refined
Cos I am more than a pebble; I am THE pebble of God's eye!!!

And for who knows what'd happen tomorrow,
Other than knowing God's in control?
(Answer: No one LAH! Yes, must come with the LAH!!!)

I could trip and fall into quicksand
"Lose" my footing and "lose" my stand
But may I place myself into God's hands,
Trusting Him for His Perfect AND Ultimate Plan

Here and there, I used to roam
Everywhere, now God's my home
God's presence, I can't hide
God's omni-presence, He's inside!!!

“I've found where I belong I'm a living stone In this house I will grow”

I have grown
And still growing