"But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander." ~ 1 Peter 3:15-16
Whew, finally can update my blog after so many days...

Friday: Went to help Xiao Juan move her belongings to another place nearer to my house after lecture. Not surprisingly, there were only a few boxes of books and files that were heavier to move. We took a cab and transported all the stuffs with it. After moving the stuffs to the new quarters, we went to IMM and shopped for some basic items. When we got back to her room, we spent a good time cleaning the room and arranging the stuffs. What a day it was when we finally finished in the night by praying for the new place.

Saturday Morning: Happened to witness a game of chess played by the BB boys in the morning when I went down to the secondary school. The position of the chess pieces was already ready for check mate upon the Black's turn. The Black, then, decided to move its Queen in order to eat a Pawn and check the White's King at the same time. It would be a nice move to most at that point in time. Nevertheless, if the Black will to move the Queen next to the above mentioned Pawn, it would have already been a check mate! The Black has been overly concerned with eating more of White's chess pieces than to win the game by killing the White's King. As in life, we are often distracted from the real purpose of our lives. We seek to savor more of White's chess pieces and forget that what really matters in the game of chess, is to win the game by killing the White's King. Some of you may argue that it's only a matter of playing style, which I do agree with you. Yet, at the end of the game, the White turned the game because of that move and the Black lost. When we played with fire, more likely than not, we will be burnt. What matters is what God calls us to do, for that is the purpose of our lives.

Saturday Evening: The Alpha Course held by my church came to a conclusion with the best dinner among so many saturdays nights! Xiao Juan came to visit us too, though she missed the dinner. What is worth highlighting is the fact that I was leading the songs for the last time and I ended up entertaining the audience on the stage due to the many accidents that night. I sang the wrong song when it was supposedly to be the other song, the lyrics on my song sheets were not the same as on the screen etc etc... Manz, and all along, Xiao Juan was with the audience! >_<

Sunday Morning: Went to church and ended up being a backup singer as the person scheduled wasn't able to make it. Despite my kind action to help, I was "played out" during the worship when the worship leader turned and told the brothers to sing without the sisters... And I was the only brother backing the worship leader whom is a sister! I thought this kind of things could only happened in the church as big as my mum's church, but heaven knows it happended in my church too! Well, thank God I didn't freak out or anything near that, as the song is relatively familiar.

Sunday Afternoon: Waited for Xiao Juan for at least two hours at NUH as her work is getting on her. Hehe... I guess this relationship really reveals myself to be a person of perseverance and patience, especially when I didn't get any of her reply for the bulk of the two hours. It is also easy for the Devil to plant in negative thoughts, in the hours of waiting when there are no reply. I must confess that thoughts such as, "Why did she make me wait for her for so long? Does she cares about me? Or did anything happened to her?" and the like did flash across my mind. Indeed, all the more I need to recount the good times we spent together and the promise we made for each other. It is easy to doubt one another and harbor unnecessary worries when there are no response. Isn't this the same principle as of our relationship with our heavenly Father? In moments of quietness, when God seems to withdraw from us, will we hold on to the promises that He made to us and be confident in His faithfulness? All the more, we need to recount the goodness of God, which if you are sharp, is the primary objective of me setting up this blog. =) May God bless us as we set up, individually, our own Altar of Memory in remembrance of God's love towards us.

Monday: Nothing fantastic... Except that I skipped my Japanese class as I was too tired to attend it. Guess I really underestimate the power of a mere 4 hours commitment of class and perhaps a couple of additional hours for studies each week. But never mind, let this be a lesson to be learnt in assessing my own limit. Thank God for lesson as such, for it is a reminder that we are but limited stardust, which on our own can do nothing. All the more, we have to depend on God in our everyday living.