"But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander." ~ 1 Peter 3:15-16
I invited a few of my PRC friends down to my church for the Chinese Christian Fellowship and some of their friends came along as well. Really thank God for them! Even the Christians-yet-to-be ask people to tag along, and I think they are indeed witnesses for God even in their capacities. May they come to know God personally soon!

The guest speaker, a professor in NUS, was talking about the relationship between Science and Faith. He surely did speak well and he knows his subject very well. It was perhaps the longest and smallest group Christian meeting I had in so far. But I am quite amazed and really respect his ability to give proper analogies that could be related to the Chinese culture and mind set.

Amazingly, while I was writing this, one of my PRC friends messaged me that she wanted a bible in order to find out more about Jesus! Oh, what can I say but to praise God, because this is the work of God that is at work in her.

Just shortly after, another friend of mine whom I know from Campus Crusade called and shared with me how his friend, which he brought to church for a healing service this very night, got healed by the Lord!!! Apparently his friend suffered due to a difference in the lengths of her legs, and was walking in with clutches. Praise God she can now walk around and up and down the stairs without the clutches! I am not too sure of the details, but this is definitely not the first time I have heard of such miraculous thing. All I can say is that the Lord is all powerful. Praise Him!

Even more amazing when I penned this now is that she called and we have a conversation about the talk earlier on. I told her my testimony from scratch with more details, over the phone for easily more than half an hour, plus the testimony my friend told me earlier on. At the end, I agreed to pass her one of my bibles to her this Sunday. Wow, I can't stop praising God for He is Great! May He draw all men and women to Him!

On the way home from the meeting, there happened a small incident on the bus where I was on. Apparently, a youngster boarded the bus from the back doors as the front was too packed. When he did that, the driver naturally asked him to come to the front so he can tap his Ezlink Card (A electronic card used for transportation purposes in Singapore) as well. However, the youngster refused to move, claiming that the people in front should move in so that people can board the bus. He agreed to tap his card when he is going to alight; nevertheless it was such a big commotion that drew the entire bus attention. The driver had to continue driving since he can't do much. On the way, the youngster told some of the people to move in to allow movement, and they move indeed. To fast forward the scene, when the youngster was about to alight, he actually had a quarrel with the driver about his rights, and in the end got of the bus without paying and saying he would write a complaint letter.

When I witnessed the incident, something came to my mind and it's my privilege to record them down here. The youngster was right in his rights and the crowds that blocked the passage had no excuse. In fact, I do admire the courage for standing up against what is wrong. It's a sad thing to see many Christians succumbed to external pressure nowadays though. I do hope I, too, can be firm and strong enough to stand for what is right. However, I soon realized that the youngster's motivation for speaking out isn't because that is morally wrong to block the passage, but simply because it is inconvenient for him. A self centered life it is. It is about me, myself and my rights mentality. And what is the consequence of a self centered life? I personally feel that it is a lack of grace especially when it hurts. I do wonder how the driver will feel and whether he is able to forgive. It brings me to mind that sin and depravity is so real and close, even if we have not taken notice of it. The people really need Jesus Christ in their lives, in order to live a life pleasing to God and beneficial to men. Jesus is the only solution to sin and depravity. For a time, people think that education can do the job, but the result is obvious, sin and depravity are to stay. Indeed, what the bible says about man is true, that man is utterly sinful. No matter how advance our technology has changed, man has not. May the world open her eyes and see that she really needs the Lord. Amen.