"But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander." ~ 1 Peter 3:15-16
Thank God! The paper is finally over, and I think it shouldn't be much of a problem to get a passing grade... =)

But something else happened and it was quite a day for me today. I actually went with my Final Year Project group mates to source for a FYP tutor this afternoon. The whole progress is just like any drama, slowly unfolding its story. I guess we could simply classify its content as fictional. Here goes:

We got a few names from peers who recommended to us for our FYP, and thus we decided to pay them a visit in hope that we might get some FYP topics from them. While we were actually checking out their offices in front of the counter, one of the staffs actually approached us. Apparently, one of my group mates know her personally. If you have played Role Playing Games before, you would have no problem identifying her as the information bearer in RPGs. She had given us a whole list of recommended tutors by her, packaged some juicy comments on most of the tutors available in the school. I must admit it spare us from blindly wondering around and knocking at doors. Having received such valuable information, we get together to re-plan our strategy. After coming up with some vague topics on what we are planning to do, we started to look for the tutors with respect to their field of expertise.

Somehow, the school tutors seem all to be quite slack as they are not around, save two, but that already wear us down a lot with all the walking back and forth. The first tutor available is a friendly old man. How I wish it was him, if not that he might not be around during the most crucial period of the project. The last one was the whole highlight of the day! It started when we knocked on his door. A word was said to permit us for opening and the nightmare begin...

He was sitting down there facing his laptop, demanding our identity, not even bother to look at us. What a good mannered guy he was, I thought. Really, he did say some mean words to us, saying something like we shouldn't look for him if we aren't good enough. He questioned our former schools and the like, without turning his head to us! Oh God, how I wish he would just signal us to leave, it was my biggest wish ever. But this wasn't the nightmare, more is to come...

Having learnt our intentions, he permitted us to sit. How strange, to recall, that there are nicely three chairs for all of us to take a seat! Was it part of God's plan to meet up with this seemingly arrogant guy in the afternoon? I think so. He further questioned our grades for the past semesters and commented on each of our own former schools. He, too, give us a lecture on the importance of FYP in regards to the class of degree we will be getting and some tips on doing the FYP. I must admit here that what he said do make sense and is practical.

And the worst of the worst nightmare is here, when he said that he will take us in as his FYP group!!! Without us even yet to extend a formal and proper invitation to him. Who could have been more thick skinned than him, I thought. Though only a verbal agreement, it's still binding after all... The nightmare. At what cost must we pay if we do reject him as our tutor for the FYP? God knows, I don't want to know. Guess most likely than not, we are trapped with this slave driver with high expectation for us. The question is not why we choose him, but really why did he choose us...

Reflecting on this issue, I guess God does want me to experience the interaction with the non-believers, and the extent to which how tough it can go. If he's ever a christian when we knocked the door, I will be more than surprised. It does humble me a lot when he gave us the "unfair" treatment, and prompt me further to be more sensitive towards others in regards to such issues. And I guess I really need God's help if I will to work with such people. Thank God that the church folks are much better even when some of them are more qualified than him.

What makes me wonder the most is that Jesus must have met such people while He walked the earth, but He has not sinned even when facing them! I think Jesus is really something, because for a moment I thought I couldn't contain my rage. Oh God, do give me the kind of patience and humility that You intended for me. Amen.