"But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander." ~ 1 Peter 3:15-16
Just came back from the Metamorphosis Conference a couple of days ago. It’s really a great place to be, with many christian brothers and sisters to worship, learn, play and grow together. It’s not about the program but the people that are the difference. Thank God for this conference, and blessing me through this conference. What’s make me even happier is seeing one of the PRCs whom we reached out to during my mission trip, came down for this conference. It really brings comfort and encouragement to my team members. What’s more, two of my friends from my cell group were actually attending the conference together with me. Thank God for them all.

Even last weekend was a busy one for me. I have never been so pack in schedule before. I actually went to distribute flyers in Teban Garden about the Christmas party for the residents there, with some of my cell group members after my lesson. Oh manz, the lesson is getting tougher than ever. =( After the distribution, I actually brought my mum and brother down to my church for an advance Christmas celebration for the PRCs working or studying in Singapore. This is their first time there at my church though. =) I am also glad to see one of my PRC friends who brought two of her room mates down as well. Thank God for the three of them. Basically, all these things killed my Saturday.

Sunday. Woke up late actually and don’t feel like going to church, but somehow, I still went ahead. When I reached there, I just realized that the youths were actually going out to distribute the Christmas party flyers, which left actually very few people for the second service. Manz, come to think of it, I should have slept longer right? =( Nope, I didn’t think that way then. In fact, I got the perfect chance to take a look at how the AV personnel do his part on changing the power point slides during the worship and sermon, as I know the guy on duty in person. So, throughout the whole service, I was standing behind all the way. What caught my sight is that one of my friends from my cell group actually brought his friend along. Manage to engage in some short exchanges with his friend that morning. Thank God for bringing his friend to His House.

After the service, I brought some lunch back home for my family, and rushed out of the house again to my friend’s place, just to take a peek at my friend’s sister’s newborn baby. =) He’s cute but he burnt my wallet for I had given some tokens as a congratulation to his birth. =P After that, I rushed AGAIN to Ang Mok Kio, from my friend’s place at Bukit Batok, to meet up with one of my PRC friends for dinner. The ride back and forth is horrendously long and tiring. =( But still I thank God for allowing us to meet up, as she’s one of the PRCs who accepted Christ not long ago. We talked for about two hours or so over dinner I guessed. And it’s comforting to know how she wishes to be strengthened in her new found faith. The best part of all is that she bought some gifts for me and two couples from my church, from China. Really thank God, not just for the gifts. =P But more importantly, the friendship that is behind all this gifts. I passed her some tracts and booklets as well. May God really grow her up to a faithful witness for Him someday soon.

It was really late when I reached home. But hey, I didn’t realize that God had made a phone appointment with another of my PRC friends that night. It was kind of like a divine arrangement to me that night. Here what goes: My mum was actually holding the phone when it rang, she received the call but somehow pushed the phone to me. To my surprise, it was my PRC friend on the phone, which on normal occasions she will give me a message before she calls. We talked for about half an hour on some issues she had been experiencing. And it brought me encouragement when she shared about how she shared her faith to the patients who are mentally depressed, during her attachment in one of the hospitals, and how some of the patients react positively. Thank God for this sister. =) (I added this on 9th Aug 2004: My darling did call a couple of nights ago without informing me again. And guess what, my mum picked it up this time round... Haha! XD By the way, my mum hasn't got the chance to meet her daughter-to-be yet. =P Even now, she is always sharing with me about those patients whom she encountered at work. I really really really thank God for letting her into my life as I look back. The Lord has not and will not be able to bless me with a greater blessing other than her herself, till the day my Lord embraces me in His arms in order to bring me back to His garden... If you are reading this, darling, I love you from the bottom of my heart...)

I dropped dead after the conversation…

Thus today is a day of recuperating and checking mails, and catching up with some of the issues in some forum that I frequent. And oops, I still haven’t done my project for my GE due this Friday. =P